The Monday Dump 23/Sep/02

Monday Dump with Jason Stevens and Wally Masur.

Roy and HG talk about Australia in the Davis Cup against India. Leyton Hewit is doing ads for Sorbent Tissue and Roy reckons Leyton and toilet paper go hand in hand. Idea for an ad where Leyton has gastro and Leyton has only one Sorbent tissue square and is able to use it to wipe everything up.

Roy and HG talk about Thorpedo in China. Thorpie is like Gengis Kahn who has come to conquer China. People everywhere in China want to get near the backdoor of Thorpedo. In China Thorpedos nickname is big foot. Roy and HG want them to call him 'Water Mongrel' in Chinese. They ask Chinese viewers for the translation.

Jason Stevens

Australian Rugby player who is also a Christian. Jason Stevens admits to have played the field (with women) but now asks people to be celibate before marriage. Roy asks him what would happen if you waited until you got married then look at your partner in the biblical sense and find you're not really attracted physically. Roy also suggests a game of rugby against Devil worshippers and Christians. Jason Stevens says that he likes Rugby because you can belt eachother during a game but after a game you're best mates. Roy agrees and says your best mates are those that hammer you.

Roy and HG talk about whether Rugby players are softer now than what they used to be. Roy said when he used to play for the Lithgow Shamrocks there was a guy who had a broken arm and the bone actually came poking out and the guy kept playing. Everyone would be trying to grab onto the bone for fun. Roy also talks about a guy who was dead and that didn't worry him. He'd still kept playing.

Wally Masur

Former Australian tennis player who is now a coach. Only once has Australia been out of the rankings and that was under Newk. Reckons Ivan Lendl was ok but thought he was a macho man. Once Ivan slapped Wally on the back with a towel really hard. Ivan thought it was really funny but when Wally did it to him Ivan got really pissed off.

The Killer and the Cop

Roy and HG read some emails. One guy reckons Thorpie should grow a mostache since most Australian sporting icons have a mostache such as Boonie, AB, Merve and Newk.

Band 28 Days