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The Monday Dump is the perfect nightcap to end the traditional back-to-work Monday blues. Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper described it as "remarkably therapeutic", delivering "a strangely satisfying notion of defying the workday rules and staying up and laughing loud into the night, on a Monday."

More than just television, The Monday Dump exemplifies all that is great about Australia, and indeed, the world. It brings you the facts, front and centre. It keeps you warm. It's good for propping up the old noggin when the day has got you down.

With the inimitable Slaven and Nelson delivering their unique mix of celebrity interviews, showbiz news and sports analysis, The Monday Dump is the only way to start off the week and stay informed and entertained.

This is the sort of foresight that has kept Roy and H.G. at the top for so long. Why wait until the end of the week for a round-up of what's happening? No, With The Monday Dump you can stay ahead of the pack - get your round-up on Monday. There'll be plenty of time to clean out the corral later in the week. First you've got to fill it.

And that's exactly what The Monday Dump gives you; plenty of stuff to fill your corral. They have set the pace in this arena with countless interviews with the movers and shakers of sport, politics and industry. When the powerful want to reach the nation they turn to the people's champions, Roy and H.G.

The Monday Dump airs Monday nights at 10.30pm AEST.

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