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The presenters of This Sporting Life are just a couple of average Australians who enjoy a feed, a fish, a shoot, a bite and a big win before slipping between the sheets. It's a good day if this lively duo can get breakfast, enter the MCG, back a coule of winners at Wyong on an 8 race card and dine out without having to put their hand in their pocket and shell out any of their hard earned.

They love lurking around the grounds before the first ball is bowled and lingering long after the last player has showered and clambered onto the team bus. There is nothing weird about it. Afterall they are Australian who love peek about and peer round corners. This is the only secret of their success. And if by chance they see the results before the jump or the pants of the club secretary around the ankles, they know how to move on and keep quiet.

Ignorance has never made them afraid of advancing a position forcefully and if they do encounter opposing views, they are more than willing to step outside and settle it in the downunder manner with the coats off.

roy and hg
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