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In these troubled times, the Olympic Games loom as a healing balm.
At a time when the world is starving for the bread of hope, the bakery is being manned yet again by those pastry cooks of peace, Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson.

For two weeks this August, Australians can yet again live The Dream.
The Dream redefined Olympics coverage in Sydney (described by His Excellency Juan Antonio Samaranch as "the best Olympic Games ever"). Now, Roy Slaven and
H.G. Nelson have taken up the call to assemble with the world's youth in Athens (described by Slaven as "arguably Greece's most modern city").

"In 1974, I was quoted as saying that Athens is rapidly becoming a toilet looking for a flush button," says Slaven. "How wrong I was."

H.G. Nelson agrees. "I have been a big wrap for the Olympics in Athens for many, many years now," he says. "It is a dream come true to be packing down with Seven's coverage of the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad this August. After all, many believe the Athens Games in 1896 were the best ever, and I am over the moon knowing that The Dream will be there when the big show returns to home base this year."

Broadcast live from The Sparta Club each day, The Dream in Athens will once again see Roy and H.G. interviewing athletes hot off the medal dais and unpicking the rich tapestry of the Olympic movement. As a bonus this time, their location and timezone means they can tackle the big sports as they happen live across the Olympic city, and solve the mysteries of an ancient land and its contribution to civilisation.

"While I love the old stuff - the plays, the philosophies, the concept of democracy etc, it's the new Greece that will astound people," says Roy Slaven. "Greece is a modern miracle and it's this miracle that The Dream will focus on."

H.G. Nelson adds: "As Brad Pitt said to me in a break in the filming of Troy,
'H.G., the Greeks are cool rocking dudes. From what I have seen so far, they know how to love, how to fight, and they are not afraid to party.' Coming from someone as switched on to the international scene as Brad is, that meant a lot to me.

"In homage to the original Games ethos, Roy and I will be performing in the nude with a nude audience, and given the estimated temperature of the city in August, this may be entirely appropriate."

The Dream in Athens will screen for one hour nightly at 11pm*, from Saturday, 14th August through to Sunday, 29th August.

*Australian Eastern Standard Time. SA/NT 10.30pm, WA 9pm