The Dream 15/Aug/04
The Dream with Nathan Baggely.

Roy and HG are covering the 2004 Olympics in Athens from the Spartan Club.

Cyclist racing to the parthenon. The race track is pretty green with lots of shrubs where houses stood only a week ago. Roy says that being in Greece with a race going to the parthenon you can look at the past, see the present and contemplate the future.

Drew and James Tonkin who do rowing and do the Golden valley fruit ads have gold in the bag. Roy was talking to them and told them this. Golden Valley fruit must licking there lips knowing that they will have gold.

The designer of the opening ceremony has a theme of love with Eros flying around and also a couple who are frolicing together.As Roy says, back then it was all about sex and you can see it in the old pottery in the museums. Homers plays have people coupling all the time. In fact when you went down the street back then you'd see a couple doing it and you wouldn't say anything and just walk on by. Roy has many Olympic achievements and now can't go to the Olypmic village because he's 'lifted the ox' already and gets mobbed because of his reputation from those many years ago.

The New zealand team fell out of there boat. Couldnt have happend to a finer team.

Nathan Baggely

An olympic kayaker. Roy tells him about his time kayaking how he worked hard on muscular symettry. When Roy was kayacking he would gain muscular symettry by doing things like driving a left handed car one day then a right handed car the next because of the gear stick. One tea in left hand and tea in righ thand the next. Nathan agrees and does similar things himself.

Nathan did some modelling and Roy and HG like his muscular symettry. When Nathan was shooting it he was on a beach and found it hard because there were garbage collectors on the beach watching.

Roy points out that Princess Anne sometimes hands out the medals and wonders if Nathans ready because there is always strong sexual tension between her and the recipients.