The Dream 16/Aug/04
The Dream with Sara Carragin and Adam Vella.

Not enough Greeks are turning up to watch the games and many stadiums are nearly empty. Roy was at a tennis match where he could have driven his car up to the tennis game and honked his horn. The Greek authorities should have got kids out of school and have them fill up the stadiums. Also the security guards should have been pointing there guns in the direction of people (instead of the ground) and tell them to get into the stadium. Also the stadium could have been filled with the Olympic mascots Efevo and Fevos.

Australia is getting a reputation for playing soccer hard with many examples of Australians going the nut. Roy reckons this is great and will put the opposition in the right frame of mind and will be scared when they know they'll be playing Australia.

Steven Foley is coaching the English diving team and the English team won gold beating Australia who got silver. Roy and HG are furious that Steven Foley has taken gold from Australia and want to ban Australian coaches from coaching foreign teams for 15 years or better yet be exiled. Roy smashes about 10 plates because hes so furious.

Peuto Rico has beaten America in the basketball even though American basketballers are worth over 600 million dollars. HG is so happy he'd do the reverse of smashing a plate if he could.

Roy and HG commentate the weight lifting. One of the weight lifters loves chalk. He sleeps in chalk and breathes chalk and is a former school teacher.

Sara Carragin

Australian cyclist who has won gold. Lots of male Austrlian cyclist with big names were expected to get medals but only she got one. Roy asks how she decided to become a cyclist and she says that a trainer told her to go up and down a basket ball court a few times and told her she should be a cyclist. Roy reckons its great that it can be that simple where one minute you walking up and down a basketball court the next your an Olympic gold medalist. During the race everyone could hear her parents yelling in excitement and Sara says she could see that her dad had a few beers. She says she'll have the rest of the year off and will travel around Europe after the games.

Its not known if Thorpie was crying or not when he won his gold medal but Roy and HG certainly were crying when he won. During the race the pool level rose a few centremeters from all the Australians crying.

Archeologists in Greece went on a dig and found pieces of a wombat and looks like the fart arsed wombat. The head and the body will be reunited tomorrow.

Adam Vella

Australian shooter who won the silver. Works as a plumber by trade and Roy and HG reckon they'red be a ton of work for him in Athens because the plumbings so bad with most toilets not allowing you to flush with toilet paper. Roy says the key to shooting is that you shouldn't think to much and that thinking is the the enemy of a shooter. The best shooters dont think about the past shots or the future shots only the present one.

Roy and HG read some emails. Someone wonders how Roy's horse Rooting King would go in dressage. Roy says he would have been great because he enjoyed pain and dressage is about pain for the horse. Rooting King thrived on pain and would always neigh in antipication if there was the likelihood of some coming his way.

An emailer reckons that the Olympic flame looks like a joint. From all the talk about the drugs in sport HG reckons that its a good symbol for the Olympics.
Australia is winning the medal talley. First time ever that Australia has won the medal tally on day three at 2:30PM