The Dream 19/Aug/04
The Dream with Sara McMahon, Andrew and Bettina Hoy.

During one of the Olympic ceromonies fireworks are let off. One of the fireworks goes astray and starts a bush fire. Roy and HG arent surprised that it happened because unlike Australians the Greeks aren't familiar with fireworks. They don't know that pointing sky rockets into a forest and firing them might start a fire. Theres currently a Greek probe trying to find out how it happened.

A man in a tutu keeps disrupting Olympic events and is given 5 months jail. Roy says it should be more like 5 years. HG says that all they need to do is show the man a Greek jail and that should stop him because the Greeks really know how to probe.

Pamela Anderson donated money to sponsor a gymnist to go to the Olympics. Would be great if Mel, Nicole, Russel, Olivier and Hoges could do the same thing for Australian athletes.

Some Australian women volley ballers have made a complaint against the lewd dancing during breaks in the game. During half time sexy scantily clad women in bikini's dance around wiggling there butt in a 'look at me' sort of way. The Australian volley ballers think its off putting. Could turn the volley ball into a lewd event attracting the sort of men that wear raincoats.

An American weight lifter who has experience in the theatre. Says having theatrical experience doesn't usually help but in some cases she can pretend to be more hurt than she is.

The Olympic mascots.

Roy and HG commentate the womens fencing. One of the women wins gold after she makes a big stab into her opponents stomach. As part of tradition she throws off her clothes into the crowd. The crowd start chanting 'Get it off, get it off' but modesty prevails and she leaves something on. Roy and HG want to see different types of fencing such as fencing between fat people, or a fat person and a midget.

Andrew and Bettina Hoy

Olympic horse riders. Bettinas horse initially showed no promise with no one wanting to ride the horse in the Olympics. It was only after she threw her leg over the horse that it started to show promise. She uses Princess Annes facilities in Gloustesher in England and says the facilities are excellent.

Roy and HG consult the Oracle of Delphi for advice. The Oracle has never been wrong. HG has been asking questions like which horse is going to win the quadrella at Randwick. They ask the question 'Will Yana Pitman win the hurdles?' and the oracle replies 'No'. Roy and HG are pretty surprised and say the Oracle is a clown and her advice is rubbish.

New Zealand still doesn't have a single medal. Maybe they should be given a sympathy medal.