The Dream 20/Aug/04
The Dream with Nathan Deakes

Every Olympic day has a Greek name and today its Hercules day. Its thought that the name Hercules comes from the ancient Greek athlete Herecles who was the greatest ancient Greek athlete. He was best known for eating a live horse every day.

The tennis is drawing in small crowds and Roy and HG talk about the fiasco of having tennis in the Olympics. The stands are empty with tennis players no one has heard of.

One Australian girl won a silver medal and looks very glum. They show the girl who gets bronze and shes the opposite with a big smile. Roy and HG dont like this and want to only see smiles. Roy has had many Olympic achievements and has had many a grin from ear to ear while HG never had the ambition to be an Olympian. He needs councilling every week because of this and his only hope is for aged events. Might have to take up horse riding but he's a bit big for a jockey. Roy says thats ok, just get a big horse.

Roy and HG commentate the hammer throw with throwers throwing through a gap. The thrower Adrian Anus throws the hammer and just can't get it threw the hole. Another thrower Piskunov has never got it through the hole except 5 years ago and Roy got it on video. A Greek thrower comes on and geez up the crowd getting them excited but throws it straight it into the fence. In his next throw he seems to gesture to stop the crowd from cheering because last time he gave the crowd false expectations. Given that the Olympic events are based upon war Roy wonders what the opposing army would have thought when the hammer throwers came on. They take so long to get one on target they probably wouldn't have contributed much to there army.

Roy and HG around Athens

Nathan Deakes

Australian Olympic walker who got bronze. Roy wonders what Nathan thinks about during the long walk. Does he look at the scenery and think, 'Gee that looks interesting. I think I'll look at that later'? He says no. Roy asks him if the walk is just one foot after the other and repeat this over and over. Is it that simple? Nathan says no because you have to worry about your leg being straight and you can't break the rules. Nathan is disappointed with getting bronze and after Roy and HG talk about other athletes not being grateful for even getting a medal, Roy sits back in his chair crossed armed in disbelief.

The Australian boxing team.

Roy and HG commentate the weight lifting.

An 11 year old weight lifter is winning the weight lifting.

One weight lifter has a piece of string around his head to keep his brain in when he lifts.

Attila Ferri comes one. Hes got the weight lifters neck. He then does the unthinkable and when he strains to lift his weight something is pulled in his backdoor. Something popped and his backdoor has become unhinged. He staggers off in agony and has to go to hospital to get his hinge sown back on. Roy and HG sent him a cheerio in hospital. He'll be right in couple of weeks. When he's fine he'll be the first to laugh about it.

An email emails in and want his money back for his playstation tennis game. His game has poor programming because it gives the illusion of lots of people in the stands when in the real Olympics the stands are nearly empty.