The Dream 21/Aug/04
The Dream with Drew Tonkin, Stuart Gin and Ryk Neethling

Roys favourite Greek God is Aphrodite, the god of love. This god is best invoked while on the job. Roys also bought in some octopus he's caught himself. Reckon they were really easy to catch and were octopus just looking for a hook.

Some Australian hockey players were show boating whenever they scored. The world loves to sea Australians show boating and Roy is all for it. Could be a platform to start onto bigger things. Next they'll have will there bum to the crowd, pants down with a newspaper up the date and then lighting it.

Yana Pitman only two weeks ago was told she would never walk again. Thats what it said in the newspapers and Roy believes the newspapers. Roy saw her in a wheel chair and said he was more worried about her head. In fact everyones focusing on her knee and not on other parts of her that are crook. Acutally the best part of her is her knee. Everything else is bung.

Two nights ago Bettina Hoy was on the show. She's a German riding an Australian horse. Roy and HG weren't happy about this and think she should be riding a German horse. Today she went over the line in dressage illegally and many countries have protested and she might have to return her medal. Roy was there and saw her go over the line and saw her pretend nothing happened. When she got the gold medal Roy shouted out 'Get if off Kraut'. Roy says it was ok for him to shout that out because it was in the context of the moment. She should have been frogmarched straight out of the match.

Drew Tonkin and Stuart Gin

Two Australian rowers (were talking about intriguing nuances on the back of there teammates head two night ago) won gold today. For them the toughest thing about rowing is waiting around for a week before they can row. Drew calls Stuart swivel neck because during the race he looks side to side looking at whats going on instead of looking straight ahead. Drew accuses him of stopping rowing all together near the finish line while he takes a peak at the scenery. Now that they've won gold they'll probably do more Golden Valley fruit ads. Drew was a BMX champ as a kid and is going to be a demonstration sport in the Beijing Olympics. Might take it up when he goes to Beijing in four years.

The guy that sold Roy his seafood.

Roy and HG commentate the trampoline event. Every trampoliner has chosen the same music to trampoline to. Its Teawana Taxi and Roy is glad Herb and his band turned up to play the song during the trampoline events.

Roys says that this this trampoliner is known to be grumpy. HG thinks Roy is a bit harsh and HG said recently her cat died and her house was flooded. During her routine she starts bouncing around out of control and nearly flies off the trampoline. Looking at the replay she was flirting on the edge of disaster just missing the edge. Roy could hear her coach shouting at her while she out of control 'You're rubbish, you're rubbish'.

A Canadian trampoliner is known as the Apollo rocket of trampolining because she goes so high. In fact its too high and Roy reckons its unseemly and the judges dont know where to look. Despite this she wins a medal for Canada, two words that haven't been used in the same sentence for many years.

This trampoliner is known as the most liked Russian born German trampoliner. Her jumps are a bit clumpy but she does clumpiness with style.

Ryk Neethling

Ryk is one of the South African swimmers who won a gold medal in the relay and were involved in the show boating incident two nights ago. They talk about this incident and Ryk says Lydan, the swimmer who stood on the side of pool flexing his muscles, will be mocked for the rest of his life because of it. Roy asks him whether Aphrodite is finding its way into the Olympic village now that many athletes have finished there events and have a bit of time of there hands. Roy points out that time plus oppurtunity equals luck. Ryk says there is a bit going on.

Some Olympic mishaps. Nothings funnier than seeing a bloke being hit it the head with a ball.

New Zealand finally get a medal and its a gold.