The Dream 23/Aug/04
The Dream with Brooke Hernson

Roy and HG commentate the hammer throw. One guy throws it into the fence and its caught up right up the top and Roy calls it a monument to his stupidity. Adrian Anus wins the gold.

Brooke Hernson

Olympic swimmer who won gold. HG asks if shes planning on going to go to Beijing in 4 years and she says she's planning to. HG asks how many laps that'll mean she'll have to make between now and Beijing. She reckons she'll probably swim enough laps to swim to Beijing and back many times. She did a nude shoot for Black and White. Roy says when he used to swim in Lithgow the whole team would just get the gear off and walk around the streets nude. It was like getting a monkey off your back.

Greeks digging at the beach

A corrupt judge robbed Australia of a gold. Clearly can see the Australian beating the crap out of the Egyptian yet every time the Australian punches the Egyptian the Egyptian gets a point. After the game Roy hung a browneye at the judges and so did the whole crowd.

One Australian swimmer throws a lucky coin into the pool for luck. Roy is against it because when he used to dive in Lithgow, his opponent Terry Breham (not Stompa Staines- that was the year before) used to drive his dads valiant charger into the pool for luck. So, it could start with a coin and end up with swimmers putting all sorts of things in the pool.

Olympic mishaps.

An emailer thinks horses should be included in the opening ceromony because they give there all and can't be part of the festivities.

If you multiply New Zealands medal tally by the difference with Austrlias population the New Zealand medal tally is pretty similar to Australias. If you multiply Australia's medal tally by the difference with America's population Australia would have hundreds of gold medals.