The Dream 24/Aug/04
The Dream with Chantele Newbury and Gary Hall

Roy and HG want a probe into the corrupt boxing decision that went against Australia yesterday. Roy says as a former Olympian he wants a probe and puts his hands in the centre of the desk and says 'I'll just leave it right there'.

A gymnast has a great performance with many loops and dismounts and gets a bad score. Roy and HG reckon the judges come for a weeks holiday and get paid peanuts. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

During womens wrestling a Japanese contestant isn't doing well and her Japanese father isnt happy with the way the event is going. He's shouting out uncontrollably from the stands in Japanese and about 10 people have to restrain him. Roy says he was shouting out 'You f'kn bastards'.

Many Olympians return to there home countries with loot in there kit bag after winning gold. Many get quite a bit from there sponsors. HG asks Roy what happened when he returned home after his many Olympic triumphs. Roy says he waddled home to Lithgow and was allowed to buy things at Finleys Fine Furniture at cost price. He also got a lot of free sandals on the condition he sat in the shop window with his medals around his neck. HG ask how Roy feels about how athletes get so much more nowadays and Roy says he felt priveleged that back in Lithgow that he got anything at all. HG asks if Roy felt exploited and Roy says he didn't. Back then he had no job, no clues so he was happy to be exploited. He had to sing for his supper.

One horse managed to knock every single obstacle over in its event. The jockey must have been under Olympic pressure and mixed up the rules and thought he had to knock over obstacles and not clear them.

Roy and HG commentate the Greco Roman wrestling. Here the wrestlers are going the dog, going up behind there opponent and exploring.

Going the fiddle, the squeeze.

Chantele Newbury

Olympic diver who is the first diver in 80 years to win gold. The last Australian to win gold in the Olympics diving was Dick Eave. Back then divers just had to dive straight into the pool and not make a splash. Roy wonders if she's glad to get out of Dick Eaves shadow and she says she is because she's seen and touched his medal. Before divers dive they always go under a shower. Roy asks why, since a diver is going to get wet anyway. She says its to keep warm.

Roy and HG commentate the wrestling.

As the lifter walks out onto the stage he gets a big glare from another lifter as he walks by. It was if to say 'it was me who put the cable in your bag'. He stuffs up his lift because his mind was probably on other things.

One lifter grabs his knackers and does a bit of tossle work leaving a chalk mark on his tossle. Atleast people will now know what he's been up to.

This guy only lifts well if its a full moon. If its waxing or waning he never has a good lift. In this event he misses the lift. If it was a full moon it would have been over his head.

Gary Hall

An American swimmer who won gold. He was fined $5000 for wearing his lucky robe because it wasn't official team gear. Says it was worth it because he won by 100'th of a second. If he wasn't wearing it might have made the difference. Roy asks Gary what he does to make his head small and he says that he doesn't have a big head. He says its all theatre. Gary was annoyed that he didn't get into the swimming relay because he qualified but wasn't picked. Reckons that some of the US coaches could do with a probe.

Some Olympic mishaps.

Someone emails and suggests that if people bring their horses into the opening ceromony what about cyclists bringing in there bicycles or javelin throwers bringing in their javelins. Or in the case of Roys diving opponent Terry Breham, a Valiant Charger.

A medal tally for countries with less than 30 million people Australia comes first.