The Dream 27/Aug/04
The Dream with Rulon Gardner, Natalie Cook and Nicole Samson.

People are wondering if some Olympic world records can ever be beaten given that drug testing wasn't as thorough in the past and that many records were obtained using drugs. Roy thinks Olympians from the past 80 years should be put under the microscope. Roy spoke to the CSIRO recently and he's keen on looking for drug isotopes from the graves of dead athletes. If any are found they should be stripped of there gold medals post humously. The olympians who were robbed of there medal (eg came fourth) should be dug up and be given a medal with there live family members watching in a moving ceremony.

Yesterday Norwegian journalists sledged an Australian rower, Nathan Bagelly, telling him he wasn't as good as Norways rower Larson. Today Nathan came third and Larson won the gold. Roy is angry and thinks the sleding from yesterday had its effect. Roys has never met a Norwegian he's liked. He admits he's never met a Norwegian knowlingly but might have been served by one in a shop and is sure wouldn't have liked him if he had have known the person serving him was Norwegian.

The AOC has gagged all rower from speaking to the media. When people ask them there thoughts they replay 'Mff, frm frmm' because they have a pillow taped to there head.

Rulon Gardner

An American Greco Roman wrestler who won gold. He was a farm boy who never dreamed that he'd make it to the Olympic level. After wining gold it changed everything for him. Not long ago he got lost in the snow in -20 degree temperatures and was lost for eight hours. He said his feet were frozen solid. He got frostbite and lost a toe. He used to keep his toe around his neck. Says that sometimes a wrestler who's gone really well is beaten by someone who has never been in a tournament before. Thinks that there is a bit of corruption going on especially by the Russians.

Natalie Cook and Nicole Samson

Two Australian volleyballers. Roy thinks that women dress well for volley ball games but think the men dress badly. The girls think men should lose the shirt and maybe get speedos. Roy suggests a goard for the penis and HG suggest a fig leaf. The girls preferred Bondi sand to the Greek sand. They say they'll be trying for Beijing in four years.

Roy and HG commentate the pole vaulting.

Kim U Suk misses the vault.

Vaulters groin ripped from the bone.

One vaulter is wearing a helmet like the Hapolites wore. Got it straight from the museum.