The Monday Dump 14/Oct/02

Monday Dump with Kerryn Phelps, Jackie Stricker, Spencer McLaren, Owen Finegan

Plastic bags at a car race hamper a lot of the cars because they got into the engines. Roy and HG suggest all the spectators and race drivers must come nude to get rid of the problem. Spectators at the race overturn a car and set it alight.

Greg Normans has bought a boat worth 80 million. Roy reckons its not big enough because it can only hold 14 people. Needs a floor for each person.

Kerryn Phelps, Jackie Stricker

Two lesbians selling a book. Roy talks to them about their relationship and how hard it was for them to come out in the open. For a while Kerryn Phelps had a menage a troi with her husband and another woman. Roy reckons it must be hard for the bloke in that situation because he wouldn't know where to put it. He'll have so many option to choose from. Roy asks what sort of objects (ie dildos) are used in there relationship and there was a long silence until HG asks another question. Both Kerryn and Jackie are jews. Kerryn was supposed to perform a jewish ceromony in the nude but did it with a bathing suit instead. HG was disappointed as it detracts from the whole scenario.

Spencer McLaren

Performer in new Footloose musical. Was formerly on Secret Life of us. Recently sung at the Bathurst car race and his headphones went dead and was embarrassed because he started singing off key.

Owen Finegan

Rugby player who scored try that won Australia world series.

Email about rugby players swapping the wrong pieces of clothing. At the Lithgow Shamrocks the players used to swap eachothers underwear after every match.

Footloose Cast