The Monday Dump 21/Oct/02

Monday Dump with Simon Callow, Matthew Newton, Jessica Gower

At the Phillip Island Grand Prix motor bike racers have umbrella's held over their heads by nice looking ladies. Roy and HG have some of them come on their show.

Talk about Thorpies new coach and how she makes him go faster with comedy. She reckons to be a good coach you need to be comical.

Study shows that boxing isn't bad for you. Roy says its those AMA, Kerryn Phelps smart ass types don't know what they're on about. When he was a kid he used to see things in shades of grey. Now boxing has changed him and he see's everything in black and white.

AB continuing with his charity walk. Roy and HG want everyone to go and see AB at Port Macquarie and check is great walking style. Roy and HG love his brilliant one foot in front of the other technique.

Politics in the Raw

Simon Callow

English actor from Four Weddings a Funeral now doing a Charles Dickens play. When he was bullied as a kid he'd do this weird jelly dance and become a pathetic invertebrate. Bullies were so disgusted at his cowardice they'd leave him alone. Talks about accents and how there are a few Australian accents.


Government is planning GST on all sports winnings, including trophies. HG is so disgusted he smashes the trophie he won as a kid for bombing fish. Roy says its a tax on dreams. He says for years the government has been trying and at last they've succeeded in taxing our dreams. Roy suggests instead all winnings from sport, including gambling should be a tax deduction, not a tax. If you lose money on gambling then on your next tax return you should be able to claim it back.

Australia has many bludger rivers that do nothing except pump water straight into the sea. Roy says if the Romans, 2000 years ago could build aquaducts to transport water miles across land why cant we build aquaducts from these bludging rivers to the centre of Australia. Could build an inland sea. Clouds would form and you'd have this garden of eden and you'd create jobs. You could grow cotton, melons and comquots there. Next week they'll discuss dragging an iceberg from Antartica.

Matthew Newton, Jessica Gower

Actors from movie Blurred about schoolies week. Roy's says these sort of movies are about sex and drugs and your first root. Roy asks Matthew about his first root. Matthew can't even remember the name of the girl he first rooted. Asks Jessica about her first root and she says her first time was done properly. Roy wonders if she meant properly as in she got married. She actually meant that it was romantic.

Email from a student who would like a support group created for students. Would involve people going up to students and asking how there studyings going and hows there projects are going.