The Monday Dump 25/Nov/02

Monday Dump with Vanessa Amarosi and Shane Heal

This is the last show for the year. A few highlights are shown of the Monday Dump throughout the year.

An Australian state wants to only allow kids to box when they reach 14. Roy and HG want boxing at any age, even allowing two year olds to box. Would like to see a 12 pound vs 15 ounce fight and even have a 15 ounce division.

Carlton fined for going over the salary cap breach and the club is in trouble. One of Carltons footballers is going to play for free. Many other clubs, not only Aussie Rules football clubs are struggling and Roy and HG think if all sportsmen played for free the clubs would become more wealthy. When Roy was a sportsman he had to get another job to make ends meet and used to work at Finlays Fine Furniture.

During the last test match there was a cricket catch that was clearly taken but not given out by the third umpire. They also show Glenn McGraths brilliant catch.

Some Australian soccer stars playing in the English premier league want to create a premier league for Australia. Roy and HG reckon the NSL is good enough and show the contrasting soccer styles between the NSL and the English premier league. The NSL standard is quite a contrast.

Vanessa Amarosi

Australian singer who sung at the Manchester Games closing ceremony with the rain pelting down. Roy was worried she'd get electrocuted. Vanessa is a vegetarian because she has a pet lamb and also doesn't like it that cows poo on the ground and then the cows eat grass around the poo. Roy points out that vegetables are also grown around poo with manure etc.

At the Austrlian Open golf tournament the greens were like glass with the ball not slowing at all. Players pulled out because of the greens. Roy was angry because in Scotland a tournament is held even if there is a blizzard. Roy thinks golfers should play the course no matter what the conditions are and thinks the golfers that abandoned the game are pampered bastards. Roy played a game at a treacherous course in the UK with the North Wind blowing and he got a course record because he used the wind as a friend and didn't give up.


Shane Heal

Australian basketballer who is not only a basketball player but also a part owner and coach in the team that he plays for. Roy thinks it must be hard for his club to get rid of him. Player is known as a needle merchant because he needles other players and annoys them. He is a short player and says because of this he has small man syndrome.

Someone emails about Robert Hulls, Minister of Racing and asks if they have a Minister for Racing why not a Minister of Cricket or Minister of Umpiring.

Vanessa Amorosi