The Monday Dump 30/Sep/02

Monday Dump with Yana Pitman, Toby Allen, Lauren Jackson.

Bad week for Australians in sport. Australian cricketers went badly in Sri Lanka, beaten in womens volley ball and beaten in the speedway championships. Talked about Grand Final and Mick Malthouse crying. Roy saying how un-Austrlian it was and how Collingwood would now be known as a bunch of cry babies.


Yana Pittman

Australian womens hurdler. Talks about counting steps between hurdles and how the more steps you do the better. Roy suggests start of with 15 steps for the first hurdle and work her way up to 19 on the last hurdle. After a form slump went on an eating binge and put on a lot of weight. Boyfriend told her that she was fat. Says athletes often get fat after a major event has finished because have spent so much time under a strict dieting regime.

Politics in the Raw

Toby Allen

Performer in musical called Caberet. Formally with Human Nature. Went on tour with Micheal Jackson for three months and only spoke with Jacko for five minutes during the whole tour. Roy and wanted to know if Jacko was as mad as a cut snake. Toby reckons he didn't mime at the Olympics. Johnny Farnham didn't even need a microphone at the Olympics.

Lauren Jackson

Womans basketballer who recently played in China. Talking about the food they ate in China and was always a lot of meat and the chinese definition of meat is pretty broad. Lauren talks about the time she was served a whole pigeon that had a hole in it. Talks about how she cringes when she sees herself on TV because she comes across as so agro and doesn't believe thats the real her.

Roy and HG read emails and someone asks if they'll ever see sarge in Reserve. Roy is trying to get Peter Cosgrove on.

Cast of Mamma Mia