The Monday Dump 7/Oct/02

Monday Dump with Bob Geldof, Wayne Gardner, Kick Gurry.

Billy Idol comes on stage at the rugby Grandfinal and doesn't sing anything. Just walks around the stage snarling. Billy must be becoming a conceptual artist. Roy and HG reckon its a brilliant career move.

Shots of one of the players at the rugby Grandfinal wondering around the stadium dazed. Eventually comes up to the microphone to make a speech.

Thorpedo in Paris. Shows off a set of clothes that he came up with himself. HG reckons its his restoration look. HG asks whether Thorpie will swim better in it.

Talk about the kangaroo cull at Puckapunyel and how it cost $1.8 million. This was about $100 per kangaroo. Roy and HG wonder why it cost so much. Maybe the Kangaroos had dug themselves in and the army had to send in the stealth bombers to get rid of them. HG suggests that the army get some cadets in to kill them because they wont be kill shy unlike the Australian army. Roy wants to take this issue up with Senator Hill. Reckons at an enquiry there'll be army people saying things like 'They came in waves. What could we do?' People around the world will laugh at us because our army has trouble killing a few roos.

Politics in the Raw

Bob Geldof

Bob Geldofs discusses how he owns Churchills last cigar. He reckons that Napoleans dick is found in some museum in Chicago and that he wants to buy it. Roy and HG are worried that after a night of drinking Bob might accidently smoke Napoleans dick instead of Churchills cigar. Bob Geldof helped develop the show Survivor. Roy reckons Bob should have a Survivor where people go into Iraq to assasinate Saddam Hussein. Another idea is that Survivor members task is to shave off Saddams moustache and sell it on ebay. Once Saddam loses his moustache he'll lose all his powers. Bob Geldof talks about how people giving money to poor people will solve problems in the short term but its effecting things politically that makes the real difference.


Wayne Gardner

Has gone from motorbikes to cars. There used to be a race where people raced cars your average person bought from the showroom. Now this race just has professional cars. Roy reckons because of this the race isn't as good as it used to be.

Kick Gurry

Star of movie Garage Days. Talks about how he performed for real at Homebake concert even though he's had no experience as a musician. He had to learn to play guitar and said by mistake he started learning right handed even though he's left handed.

Someone mails in and suggests that the Magpies should be renamed the Collingwood Comets because just like Haleys comet they do something worthwile once every 74 years.

Band Grinspoon