The Carnival 4/Nov/02

The Carnival with Gene Simmons, Katherine Read and Tim Rogers

Roy and HG have a contest where the horse 'What a nuisance' does a poo on a map of Australia and a person from the audience gets a free trip to wherever it poos.

Roy and HG are disappointed that not many Australian horses are in the Melbourne Cup ie they are mainly foreign. Roy and HG reckon that foreign horses should have something interesting done to them to make up for the lack of 'Peoples horses'. One idea is to select a jockey such as Joe Bugner. Roy talks about the time he used to train Rooting King. Before a big race Roy, at the crack of dawn, he'd get Rooting King to race the race six times. He'd tether Rooting King to a truck to make sure he did it.

Gene Simmons

Kiss singer who is touring Australia promoting his ideas about life. Gene says he likes Roy because he's powerful looking. HG gets jealous and leaves the set. Gene says he only likes going to bed with woman who love themselves. Eventually HG comes back on set and says he obviously doesn't love himself enough and can't join in with a menage de troi with Roy and Gene Simmons. Roy and HG root 5000 to 6000 times a week and only ever stop when they're on TV. Gene Simmons reaches into his pants. HG says that he was worried Gene would eventually pull it out. Gene pulls out a Kiss franger.

Katherine Read and Tim Rogers

Katherine Read is Australia's only female booky. Tim Rogers is the lead singer of You Am I.

Band You Am I