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Morning boys,
You might enjoy the "Team Red Can" site on face book. Reg and Wal are our best hope of a multiple medal winner at Sochi.
Cheers, Wardy

I wish Triple J would bring them back. Those podcasts made living in the US bearable.

...And if anyone has a good stockpile of the old podcasts, drop me a message: my email is < email at > Cheers!

Luv Ya work!
I'm wondering why the abc are not promoting the "the Festival of the Boot" its like they keeping everyone in a cone of silence. Nothing mentioned on TripleJ or 612abc

Hey Guys,Love the theme for the "Festival of the Boot" 2013...."A Shot in the Arm". A beaut reference to AFL's Essendon Bombers & NRL's Cronulla Sharks.......too funny!

Hello Legends, Fantastic news to hear that the "Festival of the Boot" is on for the 2013 AFL & NRL Grand Finals ! Fans can enjoy your commentaries on NewsRadio (630 AM in Sydney).........Bring it on!!

Hi Boys, As a long term fan from day 1 (1985 or 6) of your broadcasts, I would like to suggest a nickname you might like to consider using for Anthony Minichiello from the Roosters, assuming they make the big one this year.....Annette Funicello...!!! Please, please, please !!!

Guys, origin just isn't the same without you. Missed you so much from the last Olympics too... Please, if the stations aren't smart enough to hire you, and if you'd still like to call major events, can you please consider doing live private commentary over the net? Surely we can watch on our own tv's with the volume down and our laptops cranked up without breaching any exclusivity deals by the tv and radio channels?

I Havent watched an Origin since Roy and HG stopped calling the game.

Anybody know if "The Life" will ever return? Or should we start stockpiling ancient podcasts!? Roy? HG? Where are you??? I'm outraged.

2 Clem Doherty.

Heres the link for U-tube.


At the end of last years call,they hinted that they would be returning...subject to approval as usual.

It would be awesome if you guys did the origin this year!!!!!!!

Please tell me you guys have something in the works soon - I'm dying here! At the very minimum, I hope you're doing the footy grand finals again this year - last year was great! Why not do something throughout the year - the origin series, the footy season, the ashes tour or a weekly show starting immediately that continues indefinitely!!!! Okay, I know my hopes are high but so is my adoration for Roy and HG - come on lads!

Part of Roy and HG's great interview with Mike Myers on Club Buggery is being replayed tonight on ABC TV's new show, Shock Horror Aunty, 8.30pm tonight Wednesday 6th February, on ABC1

The FOTB 2012 was 1st class gents.. I've missed for the past years and glad ABC came through and let us all enjoy the laughs.. The teeth sharpening comment was gold... Thanks guys.

Anyone know if there's a podcast of Festival of the Boot (2012) part1?

(I missed it)
Thanks very much

Can't wait to AFL GF coverage. We recorded some funny 30 second commentary pieces for the ABC Grandstand GF competition but our jokes were too controversial for the ABC to play! They are true Roy & HG style (yes, we know that is a big call). Would love to send them to you, how do we do that? You can contact me at

Are the guys on a break at the moment and are there any future plans?

Miss your Olympic coverage so much ! I would. Have thought those poms would have been great. Fodder for the humor of the two great men ,! Miss you guys

If anyone knows where I can download This Sporting Life please let me know. The links on triple J don't seem to work any more.

I watch and listen to all your shows but sorry I couldn't watch that fool Tim (there will never be any more rain in australia) flannery. Please find another side kick Roy this bloke is the biggest idiot in the world.