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When joining, the confirmation email was automatically classified by hotmail as JUNK!

What does Windows and MicroSoft know about "This Sporting Life" that others don't?

Comment by skinhat
Maybe Bill Gates isn't a fan :)

Is this the official fan site?


How do I book you for a corporate gig?


Does anyone know if The Dream is happening at Beijing Olympic and if so how to get in the studio audience??


Great call on the '07 AFL Premiership guys. Must admit I haven't seen a comp so close since Titanic V Iceberg. Good thing though that ball games bore me shitless yet I thought you should know that the call was out by a bit. Could you please move the cardtable a couple of light-seconds further away from the paddock. Hearing you call a goal or a headbut before it happens is really confusing the poetic bastardry of ball fondling clowns throughout the epic disaster was blurred.
Remember, all is well that is not already alight.


Well this is just swell. High time there was a Roy and HG fan site. Congratulations on the selling of the jeans for the highest price HG. I so would have bought those.

Frosty Jr

Hi, nice to see some sort of site dedicated to Roy & HG.
I have a few items of Roy & HG memorabilia if you want to have a section for that.
Also, thanks to retinasoup for the Youtube clips. Awesome stuff!


hey roy and ragin hg

where do i get one of those "arseclown of the week " certificates from my boss needs one stapled to his for head

and is it possible to get a "frosty la hoite motors " stickers for my old lump of valiant !!! as i am going drag racing at the end of the month and would love to show frosty`s gaurantee to the other drag racers !!!

Comment by skinhat
I tried to make one like but can't find a certificate template that matches it.



Hi, just wanted to say, you guys are the greatest!! we've always enjoyed watching all your shows! keep it up!!

kind regards
mango & family!



I've been uploading Roy & HG videos on youtube. There are many more to come (if no-one from the local networks decides to complain to youtube). I'll be uploading what I consider to be the best moments in my collection from Club Bubbery onwards.

Latest uploads:

Steve Waugh interview-

Bathurst: Roy Slaven & HG Nelson concoct ideas for improving the Australian annual car race.

"Arseclown of the week"

Comment by skinhat
Wicked thanks. Keep them coming

Hej Fellas,

We Miss you 'Big Toime' !
When will we see you again ???


Inga x


I would like to download some old This Sporting Life programs to my ipod. Can anyone help?


When living in Australia i became a big fan of Roy and HG. I could remember that they had a Roy and HG screensaver. is it still available and how can i get it? thanks, tom