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Hey mate, we Canucks do not shag, shy, innocent elk. At least Canadian shy, innocent lad had ideas of shagging a equally, shy and innocent Kiwi and look what it got him!!!!
Had he only been able to call Aussie 911 -H&G he would have had a better fate - alas he is a muchly diminished bloke. But there is hope that the dynamic duo can distell this hoary tale and prevent other shy, inncoent, susceptible, poor Canucks lads from mirroring a similar fate.

I was once bitten by a voracious Queen'sland climbing vixen - but through fortuitous genetic pre-embedding of antidotic countermeasures - managed to survive. A good mate in Victoria, afterwards warned me of the Great Aussie Death Zone and the poor mangled carcasses of shy, innocent Canadian blokes which wash ashore at Moreton Bay or whose bleached bones are found neath mangy termite mounds in the "Ghastly Blank". But who would have though the females species of Kiwiland woud be looking to park one back beyond the blakc stump. Yikes.

Can't await till the next episode of my counter-insurgency activities in the Great Aussie Death Zone.

Hi Roy and HG,
well, 2010 winter is coming up and although those bastard elk shagging Canadians pinched the Olympics from us (despite your extraordinary efforts in bidding for the games) we at Smiggins Ski School are thinking we really should get something up and running this year. Have been in talks with the events team and we are sure we could have a fun weekend in September with some (modified)race events. Haven't really got a very good luge track (or any luge track at all actually) but that will not deter us! We do have a race course and can throw a few gates in to make it interesting. We used to have the biggest fire jump in the world until the worker's comp insurance guy came down to check it out after a couple of 'incidents' and shat himself just looking at it. (He didn't even attempt it half pissed in the dark, what a blouse!)
We have managed to teach people to ski at times over the years on less snow than that found in your average Kelvinator, and do it with a smile! It's a champion hill really and we'd love to see you there as honourary guests? Incognito if you wish, we have the balaclavas.
Can we keep in touch and get you to consider a visit? Don't worry that the place is owned by the Packers, they don't come down much and wouldn't have a clue what's going at Smiggins anyway! We are often described as a loose unit, and we like it that way. We can fill you up with beer and Jagermeister at the fabulous Smiggins Hotel and give you a trip to remember. Definitely freebie lessons for you and the families if they would enjoy it. You can bunk down on the locker room floor or we can find you even less salubrious accommodation.
cheers for now,
Kylie (Smiggs Pig since 1989)

Pants off to you HG,

Well you got the better of us again and my sides are still hurting from the laughs I had on Monday.

I was one of the 400 or so ocean unsuspecting swimmers you sent off into the pounding surf at Tamarama. What a bunch of Charlie's we were.

I didn't get it when I was getting smashed getting out the back at Tama but when we got to Cloey to be confronted by a pack of hungry sharks the penny finally dropped. What a jokester you are.

My mate, Tony, got in a blue with one of them. Being ambush predator it tried to barrel into him from underneath but he had the presence of mind to dodge its initial charge and get it into a clinch, Johny Weissmuller style. They are rubbish at close quarters. Tony really was hooking into him. I haven't seen an animal cop a flogging like that since one of Malcolm Johnson rides in the AJC Derby in the late 80's. It was that useless conveyance you and Roy had at the time. "Sir Underpants" I think. My goodness I lost a stack of cash on that horse. Wonder where he is now? Anyway nice to know you haven't lost your sense of humour and I'll be there again next year to see what surprises are in store for us.

Pants Off
Cobbo, of Epping

Comment by skinhat
What happened to the shark? Did Tony punch the shark in the date?

Hi there Roy & HG
Firstly I hope this is considered an appropriate way of contacting you for an enquiry. We live in Adelaide, my husband is 40 on the 24th April 2010, he has been an avid follower of you since day one on triple j. I have been wracking my brain to come up with something unique on the night of his party. Could you please give some consideration to composing one of your passionate dialogues for me to project onto a screen on this night for Jamie.

This was posted on Peter Gabriel's website. And after that there is details to the event: To save Australia and set an example for other countries.

Land and Water Science 5th year student. Suppose to have finished last year but had to battle with depression and also worked for some of mum dad's pharmacy business in Springwood. He now owns 15% if of course he can pay the morgage back to the bank. He works the hardest out of the 3 parnters. Then Blooms own 50%. And of course have shops everywhere. So I'm trying to him to change his work habbits or even try and get rid of this percentage of debt he has to pay.

He's a believer in a capitalist world but at the end of the day he won't be as big as Mr Ralph Norris (CEO of CBA). And he is having this big time but you as your song saids what goes up must come down.

So I am fighting for a Environmental Society instead instead of this injustice capitialist society that likes to pollute and create machines.

I am 23 in August. And average age of Australian last time I looked is about 80.

I don't think I will reach that so I may as well start to make a change to the environmental issues. That are causing me havac. Its now 4.31am in Glenbrook NSW. And I can't sleep because of trucks and cars using high way.

So from now on its about raising awareness to those around me. At the same age. And trying to reverse the brainwash from the reality TV shows and commercial station news.

So it starts send out the signal:

Facebook, University of Sydney and who ever else I run into.

Then this time next we are going to:

a) Walk up and break down the dams at Cubbie Station holding water back and not realising H2O downstream,

b) Smash all our national defence systems. I don't believe we need a defence. There is already enough arms by other nations. So can't we be Switzerland.

I'm bit concerned about these wired soldiers, drones or robots.

c) Smash up all gambling agencies as I tried to find a way of gambling and winning from it when I was depressed as I was slipping behind at Uni. So I thought I had to find a way of earning a income.

Game on. Let's Go.

P.S- My dad did see your show in Sydney in 92 I think. So yeah he's a fan of your's and I hoped to meet you one day but it seems where on two sides of the sphere here. So I have a job as environmentalist to raise awareness and use your music to help them it can be done.

We are probably up to the end of the OVO album where its almost to late to make drastic changes but it only takes one to talk, the next person passes the word and all of sudden you have a super organism. Or a
V for Vendetta movie.

Goodluck in your efforts. It is good to see that age has not wearied you.

And I hope that one day maybe not for us but some of how families to survive these tough times ahead.

Wipe out the noise. And lets start playing some Games without Frontiers. (Recessions are good unemployment up and all of a sudden no cake to eat).

You guys are awesome. Still make a lot more sense then the US. Although Barrack Obama has gave them some more respect. Thankyou to all who helped Peter such as Real World, also his other members of music that plays under him.

Cya Goodluck.

It is 12.10pm local time in Sydney NSW. The date is Tues the 16th of June.

Just a quick update on my progress on revolution idea.

May 10th tried to make a statement to Federal government that there was no money in budget for future generations.

I found out later that there was $51 billion dollars for infrastructure (Mr Sledgehammer) and $11 billion dollars for Mr Green Washing.

I spent about 3 weeks in Pialla (a mental health Hospital at Kingswood [20 min drive from home]). I only had about 3 days out of there in that time. We took medicine and we were monitored. In other words they tried to SO ME UP.

Luckily I have survived all the torture of being there and still remember it.

I now know why I was at Pialla and that was because I was not calm.

My illness has gone from:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to Panic disorder, to a couple of psychiatric episodes (May 10 event where I road on Mountain Bike from Glenbrook to Penrith in dark [8.30-9.10pm]) to thought disorder, to maybe bipolar disorder.( my Dad's brother has it and I never see him).

So I'm calmer now and I'm on medication 15mg of Zyprexia (or Olanzapene) and 1mg of Lorazapam both at night so I get some sleep.

But the highway should go to sleep but it is alive 24/7.

So normal humans can get some rest because we didn't grow up with a lot of noise.

My 3 goals aren't met yet so the government now has less than 11 months to act or otherwise face a overturn of power.

Cya next month


The time is 11.30am local Sydney time and the date is the 13th of July 2009.

The revolution idea is going slowly.

Unfortunately I have not got on everyone's TV set like V did in the movie V for Vendetta.

I hope to alert and get some Australian Artists on board in the next week. The artists mostly musicians: The Living End, The Whitlams, Midnight Oil, Eskimo Joe, Evermore (a New Zealand trio which I hope they will help out Australia) and maybe Jet.(However I have not heard much of Jet's lastest music so I'm not sure what there message is).

The three goals of mine have not been met yet so the government now has less than 10 months to act or face a over turn of power.

My health in the last month:

I now under the band of stage 1 general physcosis. It looks like I have a Bi Polar Disorder or Skitzaphrina. Luckily Zyprexia treats both and I'm taking 20mg of it, but fortunately I'm now off lorazapam.

I hope everyone has a great month and cya next time.


The time is 6.07pm local Sydney time and the date is the 19th of August.

Unfortuantely I was in hospital again for period of about 10 days.
I am now on Solian 200mg morning and night as well as 20mg of Zyprexa.

The revolution idea is going slowly. It looks one of the demand's might be met with the sale of Cubbie Station. So hopefully the Queensland, New South Wales and Federal Government will buy it and they will give water back to the environment at strategic times.

That's about it from me. So I'll catch you next month.


It is 5.46pm Sydney time and the date is the 10th of September.

There has been a change in my medication to 300mg of Solian and 15mg of Zyprexa. I do get tremors now because I'm taking Solian which is bad and I have lost weight as well.

The revolution idea is still going slowly. There has been no word that I've seen with the buying of Cubbie Station and releasing some of it's water.

I have changed the facebook event details with the revolution idea making it much easier to over turn government. There is about 25 people interested in it out of 160 friends. I hope to get more support as the time passes.

That's it from me. I hope everyone has a great month and I'll see Peter and write something in October.

It is the 10th of October and 12.10am in the morning Sydney time.

There has been no change in my medication. I have put back on the weight I lost the previous month.

The revolution idea is going slowly. I now only have 22 people that are interested. But I'm hoping this will pick up soon.

I have not heard of any information about the water and Cubbie station whether some of it will go to the Murray Darling Basin.

That's it for me I hope everyone has terrific month. And I'll see ya in November.

Hello it is 1.58pm the 24th of November Sydney time.

I was in hospital in PECC and Pialla for about 3 weeks from October 19th till November the 11th. This was to change my medicine from zyprexa to Clozapine. I am now on Clozapine 300mg in the night time and Solian 300mg morning and night.

A change had to happen because I was having sucidal thoughts, now with Clozapine the thoughts are buried deeper and rarely come up to the surface which is good.

The revolution idea is going slowly still. Interest has dropped a bit. But hopefully the word will spread and there will be more members soon.

That's it for me. I hope everyone has a great month. And I'll catch everyone back in december.

Hello it is 16:02 AEDT. The 15th of December.

I had my wisdom teeth removed last Friday. I was under a general and local anesthetic. I just got a little bit of blood and I was swollen for half a day. Done in a private hospital. So at the moment still eating soft food.

There has been no change to my anti physcotic medication. My regular physciatrist Dr Mark Walker thinks things are going well so I'm not seeing him till almost a couple of months.

The revolution idea is still going slow. On facebook I have 19 maybes and 3 confirmed guests including me. I'm hoping that interest and talk has gone beyond facebook and we get a lot more people when the day comes on the 5th and 12th of May.

That's all from me. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Hello it is 16.53 AEDT. The 14th of January.

My gums that the wisdom teeth were held in have healed so I don't have any blood any more which is good.

My white blood cell and nutrafilm cell count were low a couple of weeks ago and it was said that I was in the amber range. But now they are back to a normal level which is good and go back to a blood test every week instead of every four days.

The revolution idea is going slowly. On facebook the count is still the same.

That is all from me. I hope everyone has a fantastic month.

Hi all. It is 19:25 AEDT the 15th of February.

My health is going well, my blood tests are going well. I am still on clozapine 300mg at night and still on solian 300mg morning and night.

The revolution idea is going slowly. The count on Facebook is still the same. However I think I have a couple of aces still up my sleeve.

I hope everyone has a terrific month and I'll write to you in another month. Cya

To save Australia and set an example for other countries.

As one of Seinfeld's episode's Frank Kantstanza says 'Festivus for the rest of us.'

The future is in the people's hands.

This event starts next Tuesday (May 12th 2009). (Federal Budget night).

And first ultimatum if nothing is done about:

1. Get water from Cubbie Station and give the water back to the environment. Back to the Darling river which will lead into the Murray and provide water to the Victoria bushfire state and South Australia where they had a made heat wave. Last time I checked this was possible for the government to buy the water as Cubbie Station was up for sale.

2. Get rid of national defense. What's the point in having one when China can invade us any day of the week. Why can't we be Switzerland and be neutral but have good banks, cheese and chocolate.

3. Blow up the pokies (take them away). And educate people not to use them those that are addicted.

If these demand's are not meet by the 5th and 12th of May 2010.

Then on the 5th of May 2010 the states and territories at 12pm local time. The people will overtake the government in power. The 5th will be public holiday for Australia and will be known as Australia's V for Vendetta day.

Then on the 12th of May 2010 at 12pm, if we still have a national defense then the people will overtake the Federal government in Canberra. The 12th will be another public holiday and will be known as bottlebrush day. For all the cleaning of government that we have to do and it will remind us If we have to clean out the government again.

Note: I'm not going to blow up any parliaments as there is already too much pollution around us anyway.
And I'm not going to kill any one. But I am into naming and shaming the most responsible Politian’s of why we are like this. So doing an Ad of them and making them do some community service work.

Government should represent all the people of the nation. So government should make up of half men and half women, they should be made up of the age's 18 to 70 year olds, they should be multicultural because Australia is not all white and there should be people with knowledge (some academics in medicine, environment and economics).

Artists who will help the over turn of government are:
NSW: The Whitlams.
Victoria: The Living End.
Qld: The Chaser Team.
ACT: Midnight Oil.
Tas: Evermore. (a New Zealand band but I'm sure they will help out and if they think the New Zealand government is corrupt then I’m sure we help out as well.)
SA: Also the Chaser team and Good News Week team.
NT: Roy and HG.
WA: Eskimo Joe.

I'm sure more artists will join up as the event gathers momentum.

Hi guys, my daughter has her 21st next month Olympic games theme, synchronised swimming in wading pools, wii tennis, table soccer, exercise bike cycling, beach volleyball, right up the weird and wonderful. Hoping I could contract you to do a sound clip or video clip wishing Kate a happy birthday, opening ceremony is fairy pole dancers, thanks GS

During my first tour of insurgent Crazy Canuck duty down under I stumbled into Melb and whilst tending to my wounds stumbled upon the Dream from Athens. I was stunned - little did I expect the Aussies to unleash such a heinous weapon on our poor, shy, innocent, introverted, band of athletes from the Great White North. The are known for keeping the Commonwealth on its toes what with previously unleashed secret weapons such as Germaine Greer and Rolf Harris but little did we expect them to go nucleur with this new stealth weapon of HG & Roy! I was transfixed night by night as the Athens carnival unfolded as they dissected the sleepy, the possessed, the meat and gravy of the Commonwealth and lo and behold even the poor virgin pure Kiwis! I could not imagine Jacques the Rogue even having any hair left on his head by accumulated stress of being under the 7 microscope!

And then censureship by US homeland security prevented such radical fare from the Ice Dream showing up on Canadian TV screens but we expected that the duo would just their loins and find alternate ways to infiltrate with the intent of gaining unauthorized access to Canadas top secret recipe for manufacturing hockey pucks - in the eternal Aussue dream to conquer winter sports from its
top secret planning department near Mt. Kozzie. But then came the news that the Dream was dead as ABC execs conformed to pressure to negate it due to their analysis and intelligence that it was part of the Dalai Lhamas plan to wrest back Tibet from the red hordes. The Dream was flickering but we knew there still had to be spark that with Vancouver 2010 would roar to life a la an Aussie bushfire - consuming everything in its path and leaving nothing behind but crisped egos and red-eyed giant Canadian Beavers. With such material as the Great Canadian Moose and delights such as the Snow Leopard skier from Ghana - how could ABC allow this opportunity to pass on by. Must be the irreverent hand of John Howard in this somewhere.
So creative/procreative juices started to flow - maybe with contacts in the Sydney police force - at least one retired drug squad member - could we fix a parking ticket or two and get them transported (!) to Vancouver - from Moreton Bay to English Bay. A transfer of Olympian proportions . Who else could dig the dirt on the those unrlenting snowboarding matildas who train in leech infested and saltie infested billabongs - no wonder the crocs are on the endangered list alongside shy, innocent, poor Canadian blokes. The mob doesn't know what hit him.

It seems that there is a worldwide plot by the IOC to relegate the Dream to ancient history - we, even shy, retiring, respective Canucks, must rise to the defense. The IOC cannot be allowed to nix the Bradbury "Miracle On Ice" from cyber space. Jack the rogue needs to be made to ride a wallaby from Melb to the North End for such a sacrilege.

In the meantime the Keeper will be back in action unleashing his magic on the visiting Aussie womans softball team which will arrive here unsuspecting for the upcoming World Championship UP Over. We will show them some mercy and unrelenting humor - distracting from their focus as the Canadian girls cop the gold.
Oh Canada, Eh? Eh? Eh?

The Dream Lives, here , there everywhere! You little beauties!

Dear boys,

I know your not affiliated with the ABC anymore, but i'm itching to re-watch Club Buggery again. I'd like to see Turps move, shake and croon once more before he dies. I'm fed up with Deal or No Deal and want to see some more down-to-earth game shows again, witgh mor realistic prizes.

I implore you to release a DVD collection of Club Buggery. There's $ to be made for you and the ABC on this one. You might be able to sell fifty or sixty copies! So get back in contact with your old mates from the ABC and get it sorted.

If the DVD idea is out of the question, then at least allow them to put repeats on ABC2. We might as well get some use out of the fookin' channel now that they've taken "The Bill" off of it.

I didn't much care for anything you did after The Dream (2000). The bloody commercial networks squeezed the life out of you. So i'm not intrested in seeing any of that old guff again, just original Club Buggery and the Norwich one too.

Say 'hi' to the Nissan Cedrics for me.


Karl-Heinz Smith

Dear Roy and HG,


We grew up in Melbourne in the 60s standing on the old 26 fluid oz steel cans of Melbourne Bitter after our dads had drunk them so we could see over the crowd on the terraces at Moorabbin , Victoria Park etc. One of the defining things that formed us into the model citizens we are today was watching and hearing the coaches rant at the short break huddles.

As custodians of everything that is worth preserving about Australian culture, we appeal to you to support our campaign to BRING BACK THE RANT. No further evidence of its decline is required than the following comparison.

Exhibit A . Alan Killigrew turning purple and screaming at the Shinboners every huddle whether they were winning, losing or in-betweening. In fact Killa could even get the opposition so wound up that the dog Tex Rosenow clocked him that infamous day at Catland in 64. So imagine the impact on his own players !!

Exhibit B. Roosy calmly and quietly working his way round the players at the Swans huddle on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the SCG . Yeah we love Roosy, he's the master, but it looks like he's taking up the prayer books after 10 o'clock mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Pymble.

We thought that if Roy and HG would agree to be Patrons Of The Rant, we then need to find a coach to Bring Back The Rant . We looked first at our own clubs .

John - Pies. Mick certainly has form and must be considered a candidate. The tache also gives it that certain aura of credibility.

Simon - Dees. A cruel supporter on the fans website said that the Dees won Dean Bailey after collecting 5 matching Coca Cola bottlecaps. Lets apply the mercy rule and leave it there.

We considered other clubs . Dean "Junkyard Dog" Laidley a possibility, maybe Rocket Rodney Eade with a bit of the mongrel injected back into him, but not too prospective. On a brighter note, maybe Vossy will automatically go into Rant Mode after Fev commits his first "indiscretion" at a Gold Coast nightclub.

However, it must be admitted that at the elite level, genuine modern day Practitioners of the Rant are almost as rare as sightings of the Tiger.

So, for leadership we have turned to the amateur ranks. The enclosed Rant comes from the coach of a Melbourne amateur club of unknown heritage. We realise it may be a bit politically incorrect for play on commercial radio. The last thing we need is Our Nic saying we are anti -redheads or something like that.

Roy, HG. We know you are already thinking this is not just about the RANT. Not just about the popping vein in the forehead, the wild eyes, the flared nostrils and the spit flying from foaming lips. No - this is really all about the PASSION.

The PASSION is what has turned Australia from the Biggest Island on Earth to the Greatest Biggest Island on Earth.The PASSION is Lawrie Lawrence throwing his head around like a lassoed croc in Seoul. The PASSION is the Gold ! Gold ! Gold! in Norman at the Moscow Meet.

This is all about the future of our Great Island. As Mal Turnbull says - this is about our childern's children.

Roy, HG. We call on you - we beseech you. Patrons of the Rant.

Yours Truly

John McCarthy Simon Perrott

I would like to know if anyone out there knows where I can get a copy of "The Carnival - 2002" which Roy and HG did during the Melbourne spring carnival? Please email me if you know how i can track it down.

Dear Roy,

love your work. Truly.

You may have forgotten, but once you said of Ivan Lendel:

"when your life's a joke and you finally get the joke, then you can understand what the rest of the world is laughing at..."

I though "perfect!" and about 20 years ago I put that quote at the front of my PhD (which had a title of something like "the applications of multi-photon resonance ionization mass spectroscopy" or some such blah).

Just though you'd like to know.



I work for Cricket Australia, and we'd be interested to talk to you about an opportunity coming up in the next couple of months. It'd be great if someone could give me a call or drop me a line.

0407 059 997

G'Day guys love your work.

Was a big fan of This sporting life, was sad to see Roy & Hg go at the end of 2008. I was hoping to download their episodes however it appears they are no longer on the pod cast list. I've tried downloading the MP3's on their archived webpage without much success (it appears many episodes are incomplete). Also any chance of getting backdated episodes before those listed on the webpage?

Many thanks,

Dear Roy and HG

Invitation: Would you be interested in opening our Eco-Living Festival in Avoca (Central Victoria)?

Best wishes

Simon (0418575525)

Hey Roy and HG
How are you all? I'm good. Love your work. My name is Matt and I need all of your help.
I went to the Penrith Police station on Sunday May 10th and I made a statement to the government from about 9.10-9.40pm. That there was no money in the budget for future generations. ($51 Billion
for Mr Sledgehammer and $11 billion for Mr Greenwashing). Where humans only need food, shelter and water to survive. (The budget does little if any of these).
So I am creating a revolution. If the following 3 goals aren't met:
1. Water from dams at Cubbie Station pumped into Darling
2. Get rid of National Defence what is the point if other countries like China could over take us any day. Why can't we be Swisizerland and have banks, chocolate and cheese and be neutral.
3. To get rid of poker machines and tab machines. 'Because there taking the food off the table'. (The Whitlams (1999) Track 7: Blow up the Pokies from Album: Love this City.

So I am trying to base the revolution around V for Vendetta the movie. Where the society terrorist gives the government one year to improve their practice but if they don't then they will get over taken.

I don't plan to kill anyone or blow up anything (already enough pollution in this world already). But I believe the people who are most at fault should be named and shamed. So maybe some ads of how they succeeded in gaining money or polluting the environment to get higher up in the capitalist world.

My motives I live at Glenbrook in NSW and I can hear traffic noise from the Great Western Highway 24/7.
I am a 5th year Land and Water Science student from Sydney University. So I know about the environment and the state that it is in and I know that the current practices will make the environment more sicker.
And I've either got Bi Polar Disorder or Skitzerphrenia and I'm taking 20mg of zyprexa.

So I am pretty sick.

Other artists who I am going ask are: The Whitlams, The Living End, The Chaser team, The Good News Week team, Eskimo Joe, Midnight Oil and Evermore (New Zealand band but I’m sure they will help out).

I'm sure more artists will be found and will help out once the time comes round.

My plan was to overtake state and territory governments on May 5th you helping overtake South Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory governments with the help of the Chaser and Good News Week TV crew. The other artists for the other states. And then after one week everyone gathers in Canberra to overturn federal Parliament.
Parliament both federal and state: I believe should be made up of half men and half women. Multicultural, people with knowledge in medicine, science etc (academics) and people from the age of 18 to the age of 70. That will be a more fairer system for passing laws.

Cheers and thankyou for your time and effort in advance.



Our household has watched the State of Origin series for close to 18 years now & almost as long with you guys on JJJ, & the T.V. muted. We literally felt gutted when we set up the ritual stereo for game 1 & didn't hear your commentary.
Well now we're on game 3 & for the first time ever, I can't stand the commentary. I never realized till now just how obnoxious it is. State of Origin will never be the same, & as such I don't think I could possibly watch it anymore with the idiots on T.V calling the game.
I'm sure I'm just one of many who would really love to hear you guys return for the next series. Please come back, we miss you.

Dear Roy and HG,

Do you think that you may be able to do a wildlife program sometime soon? something along the lines of "Roy and HG go bush in Rooty Hill'? or....perhaps 'Roy and HG get the 'ump in Alice Springs"?

I think you're both made for a good wildlife show to encourage the eco-tourists

Go you good things

Sorry bout spelling " memory "

You MUST come back to the Cauldron of LIVE TV or will you be like the Wally Lewis statue perennially on the outer, a memoery, while the cut and thrust is played live by the gladiators.. Love your stuff. But HG are you from Aussie Rules Adelaide ?

Love your work. Wish you come back to TV sometime. Maybe for next year's Winter Olympics. Cya