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What's the point of watching the State of Origin without you guys? Tried to find you on my wireless for ages, but now I'm off to get ice cream.

Went looking for you on the radio where are you?

What's going on are you guys calling the State of Origin tonight?????

Howdy all. I'm wondering whether anyone knows where I can get old downloads of JJJ episodes. I've got all those on the JJJ website now, are there any more in out there in cyber land?

Roy and HG!

Where are you? We have just arrived back in Perth from years overseas and cant find you anywhere on the radio??? We knew you left JJJ but how can there be no replacement stadio in Perth? Is there no love for the R & HG in Perth? I think not. How is Perth missing out? Anyway please tell me how we can listen to you other than podcasts...

We love you guys

love Loz and Babs

What a wonderful opportunity for me, since Uncle Murray has been publiclly shamed via Underbelly, it's been an uphill battle to drag myself away from the sin and eniquity of the end cubicles at Wynyard Railway Station. I will however battle on in true Aussie fashion and continue to dream that the Shamrocks will once again inspire young Australians to be tough and GRITTY. Thanks for having me in your guestbook.

Bugger me the boy's have left jjj !!! This response from ABC

"Thanks for your letter. Unfortunately Roy & HG chose to leave triple j at the end of last year. We miss them too!


Tell me it is not true Roy and HG.....

can anyone tell me where i can get a copy of The Dream dvd from the 2000 games , i have looked everywhere and cant find one.

Hello Roy and HG, You once mentioned Ben Acton who wrote "Hangin' Five". Sadly he died in June 2007.
Timothy Sparks

I am greatly concenred about the current plethora of shark attacks. Is it possible that you guys can use your influence to bring the great shark hunter Vic Hislop out of retirement? Something must be done to save us from these maneaters and Vic is the world's foremost expert on killing them. Surely he's got a couple of thousand great whites left in him.


Do you of you guys have any mp3 downloads from the jjj shows in 2005 and 2006 which my sone has managed to dump somewhere and which I cannot find

mmm, looking forward to the new show


Anyone up for testing their general knowledge of TSL Fat/Phat/Blind Date questions? has issued the challenge - 25 multiple choice questions based on actual TSL questions from the years 1995 & 1996.

Follow the link and take your chances:

The Roota


What the .... is going on down at Parramatta.........seriously I have burnt my guernsey...for the following reasons;

1) They removed the name of the great Ray Price from bar - and renamed it the Cumberland Lounge (if they renamed it the Cumberland Throw lounge - no wuckers - but they did'nt....

2) In response to fan outcry - they proposed to bronze the great Price (wally style) at the entrance to Parra Stadium - but Dennis Fitz and the boys will not pay.....

(this was just about the last straw for me)

3) now the team is full of kiwi's - wheres the local junioirs - for which the club is renowned - half of which I cannot pronounce their names - except Jarrod Hynes (who incidently is a Fijian)

4) Now they are hiring the ex-Kiwi coach in Gary Anderson to coach the team......

I am over it - I am gone - The club should be relocated and called the Rotarua Eels......

Dennis Fitz needs to be pulled over the coals - verbally sprayed............



After a recent TSL show my mind turned to what should be the host “event” in 2012. Your suggestion was pigeon shooting at Trafalgar Square but you may have forgotten that Red Ken issued every Londoner with common sense a 12 gauge and said “death to all pigeons”, banned feeding the little blighters so all they could really eat was lead and Trafalgar Square is now almost pigeon free.

Now a host “event” should truly represent the UK so should include all elements that define the nation. I suggest Royalty, Guns, the Environment, and a genuine desire to make an American buck. As in all thing sensible, and yet again, Prince Phillip has shown the way. Not afraid of a bang, Prince Phillip is often in the back yard at Bucking Palace blasting away with a 12 gauge at the scourge that is the grey squirrel. These little tree rats were introduced from the Americas and have taken over the native Red Squirrels territory. And the wise old man skins then minces them for food for the corgis – they love them.

There’s hundreds of thousands grey squirrels in Green Park and more than that at Clapham Common. A blindfolded child would take out ten squirrels with a single blast at St James’s Park - there’re just everywhere and need to go! Now I know that a 12 gauge at close range can really splatter a squirrel so not much usable remains and there’s not much sport in giving a squirrel both barrels at point blank range (funny yes, sport probably not). But a skilled 12 gauge specialist from a regulated distance (say draw a 10 metre ring around the trees) would draw crowds. The stipulation must be that the pelt is usable – the head doesn’t have to be still on, but you must have a head for each pelt (safety pins will be provided). So just presenting a couple of legs and a bit of tail will not be counted so the skill will be in the tactical use of the 12 gauge.

This is the ideal because the grey squirrel pelt is very lush and a number can be sewn together to make hats, scarves, a fascinator for that special day, shoes, vests, or maybe just the standard stuffed and mounted squirrel throwing a discus or smoking a cigar or on the podium with a gold medal with little furry arms raised in victory. Not only is this event good for the environment but the UK Games Committee will be able to ching-ching-ching and cash in on the sales of Official Olympic Squirrel merchandise. And if they follow the old man’s lead into the organic pet food market that bloody Olympic village will be paid for in no time.


I can't find a spot on this site to book you guys for an event in Adelaide next November. Any hints?

tara hamilton

hello booooys,
listened to your so called coverage of the rugby grand final and still had to keep flickin the channels to find out who was and who wasnt actually being carried off on a stretcher or by there mumma. Lets just say, u guys need some mouth to mouth to actually give my gills a decent workout, and yes i am a fish, bein pisces, drink like one and can fart under water! I think its you John that knows my uncles, how do you forget the Hamilton boys, fucken legends in their own right and there was nothin right about the sick bastards. Anyway, Im the offspring of Paul Hamilton and hes told me a few yarns about you. I reckon if he was as good lookin and not married to the blow up, he would give u blokes a run for your money. He tries not to delve into the catholic side of joke molestation out of respect for his mum, fucks me why though, most of his 9 sisters are either married to god or have been molested by him at some stage and dont even know what a joke is. Anyway i reckon you should sniff him out for either a trip down the lanes or pump the old pricks guts for new material.
Do it man, hes one funny father


g'day boys,
living on a boat in greece and subscribed to this sporting life. you're keeping me sane at the moment listening to the boot part 1. enjoyed hearing about stinkfist's fight too. what a champ eh?

Heatseek andsold

Sadly I didnt hear the olympic commentary from Roy and HG

but the topic did come up after the olympics however..
How you ask...
well... I am not a fan of the so called Australian Andrew Bogut..
And I felt so strongly about this that I felt the need to try to rally support to disown him or bannish him from the proud Australian sporting history..
Wasnt really sure how to do it.. so I tried a facebook profile.. to gather support for the cause...
But the support is minimal... a friend told me about the bogut "love" on the olympic commentary..
So I hope to get some people on board..
there are some personal rants.. a collection of pictures with amusing captions..
and an open discussion encouraging examples of why you hater this heartless swine...

please join and show support..
Long live Larry Sengstock!


Could anyone tell me where I could buy The Dream DVD. Or The Ice Dream DVD