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It's actually "Rampaging Roy Slaven" to my understanding... but yeah, sure, whatever man.

BUT to the point, I agree with most of everyone here; the Dream (or whatever its name for this Olympics shall be) should go on - I mean, its the only thing that makes the Olympics good XD

I have been wathcing since I was 8! =0 Amazing.


Roy, HG,

The reality of the Olympics without the Dream has only now started to sink in.

I'm going to miss Jacques Rogge.

We'll get plenty of party line, but not much party.

The Dream should live on.


Hi Guys,
Missing your witty banter this Olympics... but will have to tune in to Triple J! It's just not the Olympics without your insightful and witty commentary!


howo roy and G wee rrr berryappy 4 you be in hour great cunt tree go china oh oh oh.

Magnificent bastard

Bloody hell What kind of "arse clown" Would not have Red hot Roy and hard hitting HG on the 2008 olympics ? What a smog filled non event. I will turn off the box and get on the job for 14 days straight in protest !


Dear Roy & HG, Hope everyones well.

Just a comment about This Sporting Life Podcast dated the 20th July 2008, there has been alot of talk about our NRL stars leaving and going overseas to play their footy for more money. Should we place regulations on these players such as: life ban as roy mentioned, i think this can be debated in relation to our socceroo stars aswell, should people like the big dukes go overseas or play for the A-League, another point is why are we bringing people like romario from Brazil to A-league when we cant even keep good old harry and then he states he might play in turkey...just doesnt make sense, and if they do go overseas should they recieve this life ban from the A-League or even playing for the socceroos all up.....much to be debated about, I wonder what Roy & HG think about this, or on a more negative note what craig foster would think about this proposal. (hehe)

Best Regards,
Mile Stojcevski


Archie Tambo

Heads up....

Felt it essential to alert you to the fact that Roy's long-running feud with The Shark seems to have taken an interesting new twist. Buoyed perhaps by his impressive showing at The British Open (for 3 days at least), Shark has now thrown down the gauntlet by attempting to muscle in on Roy's dominant market position in the signature smallgoods arena.

See the new Shark Aussie Prime website:

Personally. I think the "Greg Norman Premium" looks to be a rancid joke, particularly since he seems to be delivering it in recycled golf ball boxes....


Hello Boys,

I have heard through several sources that i have been featuring on your program of late. I feel it might be about time for us to finally catch up and have a chat. I did try to come through the ABC switch recently on a Sunday but no one answered the phone! Aren't you guys paying the receptionist anymore?
Anyway, I leave with the Sailing Team on Thursday the 24th July on our quest for Qingdao glory (yes, we are all carrying new AIS/CSIRO designed algae cutting appendages to our equipment) and you can contact me initially by email at if you please.

Kepp up the good work

ps : I am visiting Russell Lea Primary School tomorrow, the place where it all started!


a Kleppich tilt update

after hearing the show re the kleppich tilt last week i thought i would update you.

lars competed in the mens sailboard in the 2000 and 2004 games.

this time he is going to hsi third olmypics but as a coach. he is coaching jessica crisp in the female sail board. jess also represented at the 200 and 2004 games. she finished 5th in athens and scored bronze in the 2007 world champs and 2007 olympic test event with lars as her coach.
lars is still living in the five dock area and can sometimes be seen tooling around on iron cove on a sail board


Roy and HG,
Love your work on "This Sporting Life" and the coverage of State of Origin last week. I noticed on the coverage of the game you boys thought to inspire the BLUES this season, a blue cattle dog needs to be brought back as the teams mascot.
I have blue cattle dog named "Fooey" as in Moi Moi, who would suit the job. He's madder than "Maddog MacDougall, can do the "Shimmy, Shimmy, Whoosh!", Smarter than "The Brain's Trust" not affraid of a "Stinkfist" and responds when someone yells "Fire up Bitch!". I think "Fooey" could add "The Brown Polish" to the BLUES under "The Triple J Card Table" Game 3, as part of the "Hundred year of Hate!" at "The Grand Old Girl".

PS. Fooey is not afraid of lifting his leg at any moment, so I would beware under the "Card Table" as you could end up with a wet foot!

PSS. Looking for a new set of wheels, what is "Frosty" number, I'd be happy to try out the "No toot, No root" offer!

Remember too much sport is never enough, Bye now!

David Landers
Warialda NSW
Home of "Stan the Man Jurd"
(I have a beer with his old man, Brian most arvo's.)(Stan occasionally has one but can't drink for shit!)



it is my husbands 50th birthday in november

just wondering if you two could come along


Surely its time for "Tool Talk and Wise Cracks" to be updated? First shout was at 30,000 feet (nothing on the clock but the maker's name)in 94 and I have n't stopped laughing since you guys failed to buy me and the current squeeze supper in Great Yarmouth as promised.

John Newton

Hello Hello

I want to relive the Club Buggery days. Is there anywhere I can get a DVD of the shows?


Guys - been loving your work from pommey land for a number of years - came to see you at Toast in london a couple of years ago and tried the tripe with my partner, Julie - from the future motorsport capital - perth, wa.
Listen to you podcast every week - tell me what time do i have to ring BST) to answer the "fact" if i want to compete for the prize - if you'll let me have a swing at it!!

keep up the good work.
bryn, pomme



The absolute hoo ha over the new full body suits and the disgraceful prospect of medals going only to those wealthy enough to buy a suit cannot be ignored.

Its time for the Olympic Swim contest to be as God intended, all swimmers should appear in the full body "au natural" suit - hirsute as may be, no artificial flotation devices, just the raw meet so to speak.

Who else but you can carry this off?

Comment by skinhat
It'd attract more spectators if you could see your favourite swiming star in the buff

Hi boys, my wife and I are doing the hard yards for 12 months with the cheese eating surrender merchants in a small village called Hossegor. Check the map its just north of Biarritz on the west coast. Anyway just to let you know we love keeping up with gossip and the adventures of Feathers and Backdoor. Can't wait to State of Origin 2008. And remember the only thing better than beer is more beer. Keep on chompin on the bit. Hazza


We need a CCCoC. That's a Cricket Commentator Code of Conduct. If I have to suffer one more wise-after-the-event comment from Bill Lawry or Tony Grieg, I'll be turning down the sound. Call it as you see it, then eat crow after 15 slow-mo replays reveal you got it wrong. If it's good enough for the umpires to bear the slings and arrows of these pair of has-beens, it should be good enough for them!


Hey every one,
As a lifelong roy and hg fan im hating the idea of watching the Beijing Olympics without "the dream '. Therefore ive started a petition on facebook. Please join at
and tell your friends!

Comment by skinhat
If the networks dont give them a show maybe they should do a show themselves with a digital camera and upload it onto youtube.

When does Roy and HG comeback in 2008?


Let's forget all about compulsory drug-testing of proffessional athletes, make it optional for those who want to race clean, and allow the sponsors to solve the problem for everybody.

Those athletes who possess the integrity in their chosen sport can voluntarily front up regularly for serious testing that proves they are drug-free and have the letter (c) for clean written after their names. Those who choose not to participate get an (o) for other and sports stars who do use drugs get a (d).

As the sponsors are footing the bill for the races they get to nominate whether the prize money and accolades go to first past the post, or the first (c) past the post. In sports like body-building, of course, competitions would be open to c, o and d participants because everyone cheats equally but in Olympic marathon, for instance, you could effectively come last and still win because you were the only (c) in a (c) only race.

Tho (o) for other needs to exist to allow for those who wish to race but their religeous convictions, for example, forbid them being tested. This is unfortunate but equally there's plenty of people who'd love to go to a trivia night but can't because it's held in a pub. Equally in this category would be those who have yet had the opportunity to fully co-operate with the very testing regime of proving their cleanliness and their right to run as a (c).

I can imagine now the sheer pride of athletes who get to sport the (c) after their name, the role models they'll make for the up-and-comers, and the pleasure sponsors will take showing the public just what wonderful people they are by insisting on (c), or perhaps (c, o) races only.

I'll also take a little beer-bet that the first in the race to see this happen will be those athletes who have the pride in themselves and integrity in their chosen sport to see every race run (c).

Brian D. Lee
0428-826 872