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"Across the mountains" another first for Roy probably the funniest series of the year taking the mickey out of Tim "there will never be any more eain in australia" Flannery.
What will the story line be " the end of the world according to flannery" or the worlds greatest palentologist!!!!!! and know it all. Cannot wait for the serious face of flannery explaining everything about everything so Gomez Addams and expecting the rest of the viewers to take him seriously, such a big laugh!!!!

Always wondered why the great Roy Slaven did the "Two men in a boat" but now I know it was to take the Mickey out of one of the biggest frauds australia has ever seen!!!
Good one Roy.

With so many accomplishments to your credit, Roy and H.G., your literary efforts are sometimes overlooked. Any chance any of your books might be found back in print someday soon? I need new copies of Pants Off and This Is The Southcoast News.

G'day sports fans. Is it possible to access old shows of TSL from the 90s and beyond? I would really love to hear some of those earlier shows again...Brilliant. I would particularly like to hear the series of shows where the boys were putting hypothetical AFL teams together. The teams would be Ambassadors, Ornaments, Showponies and Hot-heads. Dermott Brereton was the only one to make it into all 4 teams...funny stuff! I taped some from the 90s...will have to dig them out and try and digitise. But if anyone knows of a TSL archive, please let me know. All the best!

When are you guys going to broadcast festival of the boot Part 1 and Part 2 into regional and rural areas of Australia via comercial FM stations and bugger 2GB and "The Honest One" because he is a dill.

I hope that David Morrow could invite you both back to the ABC and relive some big highlights for state of origin and Festival of the Boot Part 2 on ABC Local Radio.

Great to see you both on the Logies. You both deserved the Gold Logie each rather than Karl from Today.

Lisa Wilkinson (Peter Fitzsimmons wife deserves it more than Karl).

I hope that One of the commerical networks can revive Club Buggery with the Nissan Cedrics.

Keep the good stuff up fewllows.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the Darrell Eastlake "King of the Road" video.

Does anyone know when (or even whether) the Boys will be back on triple M in 2011?

Hi John and Greig,
Cameron is living in Canada but he wanted me to contact you and say gidday. He has really appreciated your contact John. If you are ever in Melb and have some fee time would love to make contact. Cheryl

Dear Roy & HG
I remember you superlative commentary of the “Peace through Violence” AFL Grand Final in 1990. You picked a small incident at the end of the first quarter, while McAvaney etc (not George Grljusich) went for tea & scones. HG picked up every punch, kick, elbow and head butt of all 36 players and runners conveying every one to the listener. Roy is the only bloke wise enough to know it’s the kind of stuff that fills footy stadiums in September. This type of insight (plus picking up Baa Baa’s sweet punch on Ellery Hanley, when it’s still a mystery to the ARL) explains why you got an Order of Australia and others didn’t.
So I would have thought on the 20th anniversary of “Peace through Violence” Triple M would have you commentating instead of a bloke who kisses fish and throws them back instead of killing them and reckons he played footy! No wonder he only won two bloody flags, no killer instinct! Probably spent his time running away from Lethal Leigh! Even got the National Anthem completely wrong – where’s Lionel Rose? Ulladulla?
I wouldn't be surprised to see a "Hitler's Reaction to Hearing Roy & HG Aren't doing the GF this Year" land on YouTube. All the players are disappointed they can’t get an authoritative commentary on the GF to play on mad Monday. What are your views Roy & HG?
Stop Press: The AFL has a once in a life time chance to flick McAvaney and get some real commentary for the replay. Has Andrew Demetriou rung up to re-schedule? Do you think all pre-Grand Final events, breakfast, parade, Moomba etc, etc should be re-run? Will you be having Twiggy Dunne on as a special guest? No wonder Mick Malthouse is cranky, it’s not the 14 behinds the Pies kicked, plus 4 sitters missed, it’s no Roy and HG tape to listen to for next week’s game!
Regards etc


It's taken me nearly 30 years to get "on board", what a waste of fruitless barracking. Now I feel part of the groin that gyrates and sows the seed of social, sporting, artistic and anthropologic comment and foundation. Now - Where can I tune in for Festival of the Boot next Saturday?

Hey Roy and HG - long time fan. About 20 years ago, I got the tape "Wicket to Wicket" for Xmas. I literally wore the tape out. I played it in the car, at home, and shared it with anyone who had even heard of the game of cricket.

I have been on the hunt for a replacement copy of Wicket to Wicket for some years now - and I would be more than happy to pay for it.

Is there an MP3 version available?

I still continue to use the phrase "he's into anything that smacks of now.... masculinity and propogation of the species", given half a chance - usually to puzzled looks.

I hope you can help me out.


Big A

Dear Roy & HG,
I do a lot of Tours for German Tourists, I always stop at the Olympic Stadium and show the tourists the memories I had.
I always walk through the poles with all the names, and then walk to the TV screens to see it all again like it was yesterday.
I can’t explain to the Tourists the feeling I get when I stand there and see it all again.
I wish the Park ranger would look after our property a bit better than trying to book you when you park for 15 minutes to show our
guests the stadium and the memorial area.
The TV screens are filthy to say it nicely and a few are not working at all.
The worst is that some idiot ripped the Wombat of it’s foundations!!!!
Someone stole the Wombat!!!!!
I don’t think I would get a result if I talk to the park rangers, so I went to the top.
I don’t think you guys appreciate this neglect.
I just wanted to let you know.
Look forward hearing from you,
Kind regards,
Simon Briels

Roy and H.G. Love the show, been a fan on and off for approx 20 years, just want to take up a challenge that HG gave on Fridays radio. HG dared us to find a word that rhymes with Orange. Try this limeric.
The mighty Simms hail from a town called Orange.
They play most of the game on the fringe.
They always flog those jokes from Lithgow
Because the Shammy's are too fat and too slow
And when Shammy's lose, to the ref do they whinge.

Anyway, keep up the good work, you always make me laugh on the way home from work.

Dear Roy and HG,

Although the soccer world cup is long gone, I have been a bit late in catching up with the podcast, and am only just musing the consequences. Today’s brave decision by the french coach to sack his entire team points to an obvious solution:
1) sack Socceroos
2) replace with spanish team. May need to offer financial inducements (such as mining rights in the Kimberly, as you suggested)
3) offer Australian citizenship to new Socceroos

Result: an Australian team won the 2010 world cup. I suppose we could call them The New Socceroos, in the vein of The New Seekers.

Warmest wishes from the US

Dear Roy and HG

It is now about two weeks ago that I had the distressing duty of informing the Tours desk at the ANZ Stadium that Fatso had been stolen (and disemboweled in the proses).

I was taking a group of American High School students on an educational journey through Sydney-Canberra-the Top End and Cairns. So of course an introduction to Australian sporting culture was an essential part of their education. When I took them to see Fatso I was horrified to find him gone.

Have the authorities at the Olympic Park informed you yet and has an investigation been launched.

Sorry to be the bearer of sad news
yours sincerely
Tim Robins

G'Day Roy and HG,

I have a great idea for a t shirt design. I have tried to get in contact with your agent and have also emailed you guys on MMM. It's in regards to copyright and royalties.


Roy and/or HG

Hoping that you can help me out with a huge predicament... The duties of groomsmen of a great mate 'Roy'(coined around the 'This Sporting Lïfe') have been bestowed apon me. It would make his wedding if I could arrange a "live" cross to you boys for a quick half-time report. Please let me know what can be done to arrange this...HG I walked straight passed you in world square last week..Looking fighting fit! If you could email details, Id be really appreciative!

Well, congratulations are in Order, Roy and HG.
"Both have received an Order of Australia for services to the media as presenters and entertainers, and as supporters of charitable organisations."

May you carry on with what you do, entertaining and scratching below the surface so all may be that little wiser, and happier.

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of that Mat Purdy caricature?

Any information is appreciated.

Jason McNeil

Comment by skinhat
Mat Purdy emailed it to me 10 years ago to put on the site and no longer have his email. If click on it you get full version.

Dear Roy and HG

I am massive fans of your work and followed you for many years. Thank you for some classic moments and laughs.

I am looking for the old Club Buggery episodes on DVD to give to a friend as a present. Where can I purchase it? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Too much sport is never enough!

Keep fit, keep ready to fit boys!! Love your work.

Best Regards